Current Courses

I teach very broadly about the global history of the United States. I also offer several courses in Asian history and on the history of Buddhism

Here is a list of the courses I have taught recently. If you want to see a specific syllabus, just email me.  

Fall 2020

WES 100: Sound and Noise in American History
WES100: American Extremism
Histoy 101: The U.S. West in History, Memory, and Film
History 360: Junior Research Seminar

Summer 1

History 101: Origins of Trumpism

Spring 2021
History 250/WES 200 American Apocalypses
History 101: The Civil War Through Film
History 220: Civil War and Reconstruction
History 260: Historical Methods
INST 161: Bees and Beekeeping

Wondering what else I have taught over my 25+ years in unversity teaching? Just drop a line, I’m always happy to talk teaching.