(photo: Flaco Jimenez, me, Santiago Jimenez, Jr. at Santiago’s studio in San Antonio, September, 2014)

In addition to my primary scholarly focus in history, I publish regularly on musical topics. I am also involved in a number of applied ethnomusicological and public folklore projects I describe below.

My main research focuses on the cultural sustainability of traditional music making in the United States with an emphasis on the conjunto music culture of Tejano South Texas.  My work also investigates migration, transnationalism, and the diverse regional impacts of globalization and Latino migration as expressed in contemporary Mexican migrant music making.

In 2020 I launchged a comprehensive survey of the varied musical responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin American and Latino-American communities and have built an extensive playlist of música del coronavirus.  I am working with co-writer JA strub on a number of projects for publication and on presentations on the music of covid.

I am currently working on a book project called Conjunto: Sustainability and Cultural Heritage in Texas. This interdisciplinary book is an exploration of contemporary conjunto music and conjunto culture in Texas and the first study to situate the broader significance of conjunto in terms of historical activism, Tejano cultural geography, and ethnomusicological theory relating to cultural sustainability and Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) issues. Conjunto music culture now flourishes in a network of community-embedded institutions and events that have developed outside of the usual channels of cultural activism in the U.S. for reasons of regional, ethnic, class, and commercial marginality. My book argues that the unrecognized and unheralded success story of conjunto music in fact stands as a model for in the ways that the intangible heritage of regional cultures in the United States can be integrated into sustainable systems of development, education, and presentation.

I have published a few articles on this project (list of publications is below) and look forward to completing the book soon

I have also been involved in a multi-year project editing an as-told-to memoir of legendary conjunto accordionist Santiago Jimenez, Jr, which is titled El Chief de San Antonio.

Other music work:

Recently I have been involved in recording, co-producing, and writing the notes for a number of albums of music by Texas Mexican musicians with Spring Fed Records, the recording arm of the Center for Popular Music at Middle Tennessee State University.

77cbd873-9740-4827-b27a-19ec24b4e90c.e89840858f3eda010168c9a58f44e3c2 This is historic recording of two sons of conjunto founder Santiago Jimenez, Sr playing all originals. Eddie is Santiago Jimenez, Jr.’s twin brother. He weeote all of the songs on his father’s two row accordion.

Here’s a sample of four of the Jimenez brothers playing together at the time of the recording:

One of the recordings I completed with Spring Fed is of Felipe Pérez, a conjunto accordion master from Corpus Christi who has been performing professionally since 1950, Felipe is a 2018 inductee into the Conjunto Hall of Fame at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio.  I was honored to introduce him  and talk about his life at the ceremony.

The second recording is of the unsurpassed fiddler Belen Escobedo, who plays rare and beautiful songs and tunes of the Texas-Mexican borderlands. Belen was the recipient of the Texas Master Fiddler award at the 2017 Festival of Texas Fiddling, and in 2018 she is a featured artist at the festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, Washington.

In 2017, I co-produced and wrote the liner notes for a cd titled “Old School Polkas Del Ghost Town,” released by Spring fed Records, This cd features new recordings of Texas-Mexican Conjunto music by Lorenzo Martinez and Ramon “Rabbit” Sanchez, two of the finest musicians to come out of the Conjunto homeland in South Texas.

Here’s a vdieof rom the release event we held in San Antonio:

In 2014, I co-produced (with Charlie Lockwood) a cd titled “Traditional Music Of Texas, Volume 1: Fiddle Recordings From The Texas Folklife Archives”


My recent publications on music topics:

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Festival of Texas Fiddling

I am the founder and Artistic Director of the Festival of Texas Fiddling, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in San Antonio.  This is the first and only festival dedicated to the full array of ethnic and regional styles of Texas fiddling, all held in historic Twin Sisters Dance Hall in Blanco, Texas the first weekend of December every year.

The 2020 6th Annual Festival of Texas Fiddling  was streamed on YouTube, check it out here for free.

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The new webpage for the Festival is right here:

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I publish regularly in the major old time music magazine called The Old Time Herald, including several covers stories.

There Are Still a Lot of Records You Haven’t Heard: Italian-American Music of the 78s Era. Old Time Herald 14:2 (2015) cover story

“Handmade Strings: To Make Music Out of a Cat and a Horse’s Tail,” Old Time Herald 13:1 (2012), cover story,  PDF

 “Traditional Music Collections Online,” Old Time Herald 11:8 (2008)

“Polkas, Polkas, y Mas Polkas: The Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio” Old Time Herald 11:3 (2008) PDF

“Molly O’Day and the Gospel in Old-Time Country Music” Old Time Herald 11:2 (2007)

“Saturday Night at Wayne’s Body Shop” Old Time Herald Spring 2004.  PDF

“Ladder-braced Guitars and the Enduring Mysteries of the Old-Time Sound.” Old Time Herald Winter, 2005

“The Sandia Hots: Spicing Up Old Time Music with the Flavors of the Southwest” Old Time Herald, June-July 2006 cover story

Here is my online guide to the John Donald Robb Field Recordings Collection.